Benjamin Cold

All Ages
Doctorate of the Musical Arts degree in saxophone, University of Minnesota
Master’s Degree in saxophone performance and pedagogy, Kansas State University
Bachelor’s Degree in music performance, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire
Private Lessons
30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes
Words to describe my teaching style
First and foremost, music should be fun... learning then comes naturally!

Ben is a firm believer that music education has one critical goal, to help students develop an appreciation and love for both listening and performing music!  If music is fun, it's far easier to motivate one to practice and better themselves as musicians and music lovers!
A typical lesson with Ben often involves some active listening, practicing and developing of technique through learning scales, arpeggios, etc., and studying important repertoire and styles for the saxophone (classical solos, jazz improvisation, etc). He is flexible with his student’s personal goals on their instrument and caters his teaching to their personal passions and motivations.
Ben loves spending time with his two kids (Christopher and Nathan), loves fishing and camping.