Corissa Bussian

Corissa Bussina, voice teacher and musical theatre teacher, private music lessons

7 to adult
Master of Music, Vocal Performance/Opera Studies; Rice University
Bachelor of Music, Vocal Performance; DePaul University
Audition/performance preparation
Sight reading
Vocal song/accompaniment composition/arrangement
Chord/chart reading
30 minutes or 60 minutes
45 minutes - joint voice and piano
Joint lessons with another student
Small group lessons
Words to describe my teaching style
Fundamentals based
Individually focused


Corissa uses the foundations of classical technique, which allows vocal flexibility and healthy singing for any style. Her ultimate goal is for students is to comfortably and confidently apply their vocal capabilities in many different genres. Through this she focuses on self-confidence growth and improving the nerves of stage fright and creatively putting oneself out there to tell these musical stories.
Lessons with Corissa start with vocal exercises to not only warm up the voice, but to also focus on technical breathing, support and vowel placement. Then, student and teacher choose repertoire to apply practicing music theory, vocal technique and musical artistry and to master each song to be performance ready.  
In her spare time, Corissa enjoys yoga, going on traveling adventures, baking, and hiking/walking with husband Carl and son Bruno.