Jeff Brueske

 Jeff Brueske, Guitar teacher, private music lessons

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar
Electric Bass Guitar
Upright Bass (a.k.a. Double Bass)

Teaching Since

Bachelor of Science in Music, Northwestern College, St. Paul
Master of Music, University of Minnesota

Founding member of Sidewalk Cafe jazz ensemble
Freelance musician, playing 150 dates per year in the Twin Cities and Midwest
Member of Orchestra Hall Atrium Jazz Ensemble
Performs weekly at the historic St. Paul Hotel with pianist/singer Joann Funk

Ongoing Professional Development/Events
Private instruction from Jazz virtousos Anthony Cox (Minneapolis) and Dennis Irwin (New York)
International Society of Bassists Convention - 2005
Performed in Guitar Master Class with Roberto Aussel from Argentina - 1992
Adjudicated at Thursday Musical Young Artist Guitar Scholarship Competition

Student Opportunities
K&S Recitals – April and December

Other "Notes"
Personal website:

Teaching Philosophy
Music connects us with the past and yet keeps us in the moment. In playing music we momentarily bring to life the composers of the past, and add something of ourselves in the experience. I hope to instill in my students the joy of playing music through dedication to the instrument. The acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass each offer different rewards to the student, but the goal is the same: enjoying the process of learning a noble instrument.