Mary Gustafson

Mary Gustafson, piano teacher, private music lessons

4 – Adult
BA in Piano and Music Education from the University of St. Catherine
Individual weekly Suzuki piano lessons and monthly group classes
30 and 45 minutes
Words to describe my teaching style
Committed to healthy playing


Mary teaches using the Suzuki method, which prioritizes learning by listening, parents as partners in the teaching process, and cumulative review. Because students learn by listening, they learn to quickly and easily memorize their music and gain confidence sharing their music with others. 

 Early in their first year of study, they begin traditional music reading alongside their Suzuki study. They become versatile musicians who are dedicated and disciplined. 

 Having parents involved in their lessons and daily practice helps them value piano practice as a special time with Mom or Dad. Her adult and older students enjoy learning to improvise and play from chord charts, as well as traditional piano.

Lesson time includes getting rewards for listening to their Suzuki recordings, playing scales and transposing, learning a new piece by ear, refining their review pieces, and playing from their Faber reading books.  

 Throughout the year, students participate in practice games, music sharing (performance) prizes, summer reading program prizes, and the statewide Suzuki recital and award program.

Mary loves improvising at the piano and singing, riding her bike, reading, and relaxing with her family.

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