Benita Gemechu

Benita Gemechu, violin teacher, music for little sparrows, private music lessons, group classes

Music for “Little Sparrows”

3 - adult

Master’s Degree in Music, Academy of Music and Theatre “F.M. Bartholdi” in Leipzig, Germany (specialized in teaching violin)
3-year degree in Music Theory, Academy of Music and Theatre “F.M. Bartholdi” in Leipzig, Germany, with an emphasis on music education for young children, adults and people with disabilities.

Individual and Group Lessons
30 minutes

Words to describe my teaching style


Benita believes that music is a gift from God to enjoy. Each lesson’s main focus is to enjoy music, combined with the hard work necessary to accomplish musical goals. Along with the art of music she teaches patience, good work attitude, and discipline. She wants to develop in each student a deep knowledge of the beauty of music.

A typical violin lesson focuses on the importance of creative sound quality by solid technical training, ear training, fluency in note reading and teaching different music styles. Lessons are tailored to the individual needs and interests of the student. Benita teaches students of all levels and ages, from beginner to professional. 

In her group piano classes called Music for “Little Sparrows” she enjoys letting young students play together. She teaches music theory by group games, singing and dancing. She lets her own teenage children perform different instruments in class to let them introduce young children to those instruments—always a special treat.

In her spare time Benita enjoys walks in the woods and spending time with her husband and children.