Ryan Jensen

Samuel Rudy, suzuki violin teacher, viola teacher, private music lessons

Viola - 5/6 grade to beginning college
Violin - 5/6 grade to advanced high school
UW Eau Claire- Bachelor of Music Education
Concordia Saint Paul- Master of Educational Technology
Individual lessons
30 minutes
60 minutes
Words to describe my teaching style

Ryan has been teaching orchestra at the high school level for the past 6 years which has allowed him to connect with string players with many different interests. This has taught him how to motivate and drive different kinds of instrumentalists. He also breaks the mold of the traditional music teacher. He loves playing, conducting, and listening to music but he also enjoy being an athlete, coaching cross-country skiing, playing video games, and getting outdoors.

The structure of a lesson depends on the age, maturity, and experience level of each student. Generally, the 3-4 main elements of my lessons are scales, etudes, Bach, and solo music in that order. He also incorporates duets and sight-reading warm-ups for beginning/intermediate students as well as discussions of music theory and history when relevant.

During the summer Ryan enjoys traveling and camping quite often. When he is in town, he enjoys playing disc golf, training for marathons, cooking, and finding fun restaurants in St. Paul. During the school year, he plays in a community orchestra, and coach cross country skiing. Of course, he also loves practicing his wonderful viola.