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From musician to physician: Why medical schools are recruiting for musical ability

MUN has discovered that a musical background is a good predictor of success

Peter Jackson · for CBC News · Posted: Aug 06, 2018 7:00 AM NT | Last Updated: 3 hours ago

Andrew Dunsmore, Dr. Doug Angel and Jessa Vokey all completed a degree in music before deciding to move into medicine (Peter Jackson/CBC)

As an undergraduate, Doug Angel studied music performance at Memorial University of Newfoundland's School of Music. He majored in piano.

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6 Benefits of Music Lessons

Learning to play an instrument can help your child fine-tune her ear and enhance skills needed for education and social interaction.

Between soccer and scouts, your school-age kid's schedule is loaded with fun activities. If you're on the fence about adding music classes to the list, take note of the benefits that come with signing your little one up for violin or piano lessons. Maybe she won't be the next Beethoven, but she may have an easier time learning math, practicing good manners (including patience!), and becoming a team player. Read on to learn more about the benefits of music education.

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