K&S Conservatory of Music

K&S opened its doors in 1990. Many of our music teachers have advanced degrees, are affiliated with professional music organizations, and continue to perform locally and internationally. K&S is a locally owned and operated business.

Inviting, sound-proof, individual studios house well-maintained instruments.

K&S will work with you to find the best music teacher to compliment each student’s experience, availability and personality, resulting in enjoyment, education, and personal growth. At K&S we can offer instruction at every stage of musical development.      

At K&S, the student registers for one semester at a time, usually 16-17 lessons. The semester fee is payable on a 1, 2, or 3 payment plan. You may start at any time during the semester. The cost per thirty-minute lesson ranges from $24 - $38, depending on the experience and education of the teacher. K&S has a $18 per semester administration fee that covers the costs of all recitals etc. so the only other charge would be for sheet music the teacher would ask you to purchase. There is no administrative fee summer semester and the summer schedule is established by individual teachers.

Music Lessons We Offer

Listed below are all the current lessons being offered for youth and adults. Click here to learn more about the special programs offered at K&S Conservatory of Music. To get enrolled in lessons, simply call our office and our secretary will set you up with the right teacher for you. 651-739-7848.