Al Kugler


Piano Accordion
Chromatic Accordion (Bayon)

6 - Adult

Studied Accordion at MSM Music Studio 1982-1989

30 minutes, 45 minutes

Words to describe my teaching style


Al is the father of six children and one granddaughter. Family is a strong drive in his life and he teaches with that family feeling. Lessons should be fun, that is how you know a student is learning. He has a passion for the accordion and want to bring that passion and knowledge to as many people as he can. It is an instrument that is starting to become popular again.

Al has played both piano and Chromatic Accordion.  The Bayan is his primary instrument and has been playing that for over 30 years. He first worked in Classical and Concert style music with the Bayan in his earlier years. He competed at the state and national level. As an adult, Al has been focusing on Eastern European Folk Music. He has played for a Polish Folk dance group as well as the Music Director for that same group. He also played for an Italian Folk dance group for a short time.