Cynthia Mortensen

Jane Gay, piano teacher, private music lessons


5 to Adult

BA in Organ Performance, College of St. Catherine.
Expired License in K-12 Music Education, University of St. Thomas

30 minutes, 45 minutes

Words to describe my teaching style

Cynthia is insightful and has diverse skills as a musician and teacher: she teaches and utilizes improvisation, music theory, sol-fege, singing and stylistic flexibility. She is energetic and enthusiastic. She is able to shape the student’s learning experience to their learning style, while assisting them to expand the ways in which they grasp their musical experience. She connects with her students. She has been told by them that she is “fun.”

In a typical lessons, she likes to check in with her students, ask how their week was, if anything special has occurred in their days since they last met. Then she likes to start with technical exercises, (scales, etc.) then move to lesson material assigned. She likes to have time to go over new material, anticipating with the student what they will encounter and help them identify specific practice strategies in material assigned. Next is music theory - either going over a given theory assignment, or teaching new skills, ear training, terminology. She likes to include some improvisation as part of their exploration of the elements of music. With young beginners, this is modified! More focus on movement and/or singing to help them understand concepts of notation and rhythm as well as musical expression.

In her spare time, Cynthia enjoys playing with her dog, Ellie! She also likes to read, write, garden, knit, and spend time with friends and family.