Mitch Grussing

Mitch Grussing , piano teacher, private music lessons

5 – Adult
Currently pursuing a Master's in Music Education
BA Music, University of Minnesota Morris
30 minutes, 60 minutes
Words to describe my teaching style


Mitch’s teaching philosophy is that anyone who wants to play the piano should become a piano student. No experience required! Prospective students only need two things: a piano, and a desire to play the piano. He welcomes any present or future musician who wants to learn, including those with anxiety and depressive disorders, autism spectrum disorder, sensory disorders, and learning disabilities.


Each lesson starts with a cheerful greeting, a verbal recap of the week, and a chance for students to ask questions. Mitch makes sure his students understand the previous week's assignments, and he works with them to solidify old concepts, learn new ones, and play music that puts conceptual knowledge to use. He checks to make sure students are enjoying themselves, making progress and are interested in the music they are playing


Mitch offers a wide variety of performances and assessments for his students. He encourages everyone to participate in recitals and other programs, but participation is never required. Those who want to can do piano contests, performance exams, composition contests, music theory exams, the MusicLink Playathon, and up to six studio recitals per year.


Mitch likes to go on bike rides, study foreign languages, try new foods, and (surprise) play the piano!