Nancy Wucherpfennig

Kate Curry, piano teacher, private music lessons


10 year olds - Adults

Bachelor of Music Education from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
Private flute study with Louise Burky, David Eagle, Adele Lorraine.
Post graduate classes in Music and Computer Science.

Private Lessons
30 minute and 45 minute

Words to describe my teaching style


Nancy can discern what the student needs to do to improve because she has 34 years of experience teaching band and band lessons on flute, clarinet, saxophone and trumpet. She has a system that emulates what the student is doing to make the "interesting" sounds that come from the student's instrument. Then she can help them to improve their sound.


A typical lesson starts with greeting the student and asking about something in their life that interests them, such as swimming lessons, summer camps, etc. Then they begin by playing a warm-up sheet including:  long tones, tonguing exercises, octave exercises, and chromatic scale. While playing these warm-ups, Nancy will focus on basics of hand position, embouchure, breathing, and tone production.


Then they move on to a lesson book assignment and to some fun music.  Then she concentrates on rhythms, correct notes, musicality, but she no longer picks on any concerns about embouchure, tone production and hand position.


In her spare time, Nancy  to run, swim and walk her dog Gus at her farm. Also, she loves to practice her flute as she has many performances to prepare for.